When it comes to grass,

Artificial is smarter than real.


Artificial Grass in Las Vegas

Smart Turf artificial grass is now available in Las Vegas, Nevada. Local contractors and landscapers convenient same-day pick up of Smart Turf artificial grass and accessories. With plenty of artificial turf rolls on hand and accessories, we’re conveniently located east the 15 freeway.

If you're considering artificial grass for your landscaping needs in Las Vegas, stop by and see us. Our Las Vegas location offer several benefits, such as a better understanding of the local climate and environment, and the ability to provide a tailored and personalized advice for your specific needs.

Artificial Grass is Always Green

Those living in Las Vegas, Nevada should considering artificial grass for landscaping needs may be a wise decision. Due to the dry, arid climate of the region, natural grass can be difficult and expensive to maintain. Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires minimal upkeep and can stay lush and green all year round, regardless of weather conditions. It also saves water, which is crucial in a desert area like Las Vegas where water conservation is a top priority.

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