Spotlight Installation: Chelsea & Riggins Pet Friendly Turf Installation

Amy NguyenLandscape Turf, Microban, Pet Turf

Austin Texas is a beautiful place to live. Although the weather can be fairly hot and humid in the summers, Austinites enjoy the summertime with family and friends. Hanging around the local community and visiting with neighbors is always a joy. Chelsea and her neighbors often times chat and share stories. That’s where she learned that Smart Turf was working on her neighbor’s backyard!

Chelsea had longed for green in her backyard. For some reason, grass was just not growing back there. Her dog Riggins does his business back there also, which could’ve contributed to the brown spots. That being said, she was very interested when she learned her neighbor was getting an artificial grass installation in her backyard.

When Smart Turf met with Chelsea, we presented the best possible solution for her and Riggins keeping in mind her budget and artificial grass installation costs. We accessed her needs as well as the area, knowing that it should be pet-friendly artificial grass and offered her a great solution. Because we came highly recommended by her neighbor, she had confidence we would do a spectacular job. The installation took one day to complete, and the result is a happy Chelsea and Riggins!

Riggins enjoying the backyard

Now Riggins is enjoying his new backyard and Chelsea loves her low maintenance always green yard. What do you think is the best benefit of having an artificial grass lawn – always green, low maintenance, saving water, no pesticides? Share with us in the comments below.