Smart Turf Partner Highlight: Buildcal Turf

Amy NguyenSmart Turf

We’re turning the spotlight on our fantastic installers, giving you the inside scoop on their experiences, know-how, and thoughts on the artificial grass scene. It’s like a friendly chat with your go-to turf pals! Dive into fun Q & A sessions and discover the stories that make our partners the real MVPs in the world of Smart Turf. Join us in cheering on these amazing individuals who turn ordinary spaces into turf-tastic havens.

January Installation Partner Highlight is Olivier Roumy, owner of Buildcal Turf!

How long have you been working in the artificial grass industry?

I’ve spent over 11 years in the Los Angeles turf industry. Originally from France and with a background in the fashion industry, I always displayed an eye for design. Growing up in the Loire Valley, which is well known for its Castles, the most beautiful gardens, and for being a wine country, I’ve drawn inspiration from these sources. Before immersing myself in the artificial grass industry, I worked in the fashion industry and engaged in motorcycle racing on the East Coast at iconic tracks like VIR and Daytona. It’s safe to say my career path isn’t your usual one, but it’s given me a distinctive set of skills and experiences.

How did you start in the industry?

I began my journey in the artificial grass industry working in sales at Duraturf. This venture was sparked by a close friend and former racing teammate, Tim Dennis, who not only introduced me to the industry but also happened to be the owner of Duraturf. As I transitioned from sales to project management, Tim’s mentorship played a crucial role, providing me with valuable insights and hands-on experience in the artificial grass sector.

What makes you stand out in the artificial grass industry?

What sets Buildcal Turf apart in the artificial grass industry is a refined eye for detail, aesthetics, and balance developed through my past experiences. I leverage these skills, incorporate the latest industry innovations, and exclusively use environmentally friendly materials sourced from the USA, providing my customers with not only lush and visually appealing landscapes but also peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a sustainable and high-quality solution for their outdoor spaces.

What excites you about a project?

It varies; all projects are exciting, but some more than others. Whether it’s a unique and atypical turf project, a complex installation, the implementation of a new innovative turf system, or the genuine human connection with a client who is deeply involved and eager to understand the distinctions between various products—I find excitement in each scenario. I particularly appreciate when clients actively engage in the process. Turf is not “one size fits all,” therefore we cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

What area do you service?

Our service area spans from Laguna Beach up to Montecito/Santa Barbara, encompassing a wide region along the  Southern California coastline. Clients frequently select us for projects within this geographic scope, drawn by our strong reputation. Some projects are more specialized than others, and our clients trust that they can turn to us for complex work that precisely meets their needs, a confidence built through word of mouth, and thorough research.

What specific areas do you specialize in (commercial, pet, putting, etc)?

We specialize in installing the right systems and products that fit our client’s unique needs. Our expertise spans pet turf systems, challenging putting greens, and our proprietary Cool Turf system featuring natural coconut infill, providing a lifelike feel and appearance. While we have been utilizing this technology for over 7 years to serve our clients in Los Angeles, it is currently gaining increased popularity and recognition not only in this region but also in neighboring states and as far as Florida.

Why did you choose to work with Smart Turf?

Smart Turf is committed to its product quality and has a strong customer service approach that aligns with my values. At Buildcal Turf we prioritize avoiding problems, refrain from cutting corners, and expect the same dedication from the manufacturers we choose to collaborate with. It’s a straightforward, and simple decision.

Which artificial turf product is most popular for you and your customers?

The most popular artificial turf product for both me and my customers is anything that includes antimicrobial properties, which is particularly important for pet owners.

In one sentence, tell us how you feel about the artificial grass industry.

I view the constantly evolving artificial grass industry as dynamic and progressive, driven by innovative, eco-friendly products; however, the challenge persists in distinguishing authentic quality from imitations that can lead to issues like durability, discoloration, and excessive heat—a distinction akin to that between a designer handbag in a store and a street-corner imitation.

Note: The responses provided to questions reflect the individual perspectives of the interviewee.