Smart Turf is Now Available in Central Valley California

Amy NguyenSmart Turf

Looking for artificial grass in Central California? We’re excited to announce it’s now available through our Central Valley distribution partner, Top Turf!

Installing artificial grass in Fresno, California is a great idea for those who want to reduce their water usage significantly. Artificial turf requires no watering and minimal maintenance, saving homeowners time and money over the long run. It also helps reduce air pollution since there’s no need to use lawn mowers or other maintenance equipment that releases emissions into the atmosphere. Additionally, artificial turf is often more durable than natural grass and can last years in hot climates like Fresno. That means many years of low-maintenance beauty with no hassle or expense.

Along with offering full installation services to homeowners, the team at Top Turf will be serving the Central Valley and working closely with local contractors and local landscapers. They have decades of experience working with the community. In fact, contractors and landscapers can take advantage of wholesale and contractor pricing plus local and same day pick up. Top Turf will inventory Smart Turf most popular artificial grass and accessories, including our exclusive Smart Fill antimicrobial infill.

Our distribution partners have the support of Smart Turf sales, marketing, and operations team. Partnering with us means having a dedicated support team and it means you’ll be offering the best artificial grass in the industry to your customers! Smart Turf has an exclusive partnership with Microban International and we are the ONLY artificial grass with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection. No other artificial grass manufacturer can make that claim. Our distribution partners have the backing of Smart Turf branding and Microban® branding with 80% brand recognition, that’s quite powerful.

We’re excited to welcome the Top Turf team!