Smart Turf in Orange County, California

Amy NguyenSmart Turf

Smart Turf Orange County has moved to a bigger building right off the 55 freeway at Edinger Ave. Right down the street from where we use to be (still in Santa Ana), you can now find us at 2120 Ritchey Street. You won’t miss our bright green building on the west side of the 55 freeway in the heart of Orange County.

What does this mean to you?

More Inventory
As an artificial grass manufacturer and artificial grass wholesaler, it’s important that we offer artificial grass to suit all your needs. From homeowners that want to see it on display to contractors or installers that need to offer their customers choices, we stock all over 15 types of artificial grass including landscape turf, backyard playground turf, pet turf, and gym sports turf! Fully stocked and ready to grab when you need it. As a one-stop-shop, read 10 Reasons Why Landscapers and Contractors Love Smart Turf.

Easily Accessible
As a contractor or landscaper, you’re always on the go. That’s why our new location is perfect! Right off the freeway, you can stop in to grab what you need. Our dock high loading makes it easy to simply pull in, get loaded, and be on your way.

A trusted brand
Trust is important to homeowners and with the visibility of Smart Turf, there’s no doubt our contractors and installer’s customers will start asking for us by name! As a trusted brand and the manufacturer of the artificial grass, contractors and landscapers know they can turn directly to Smart Turf for questions and answers. There’s no middleman.

Once you stop by our new building, we’d love to hear what you think of it. Leave us a comment below.