Drains 900 in/hr


2900% Faster drain rate than typical turf.

Let that sink in...

99% Odor reduction

SmartFlow reduces the smell of urine and 0ther liquids by 99% over a set time period compared to typical non-Microban turf.

Stops Bacteria Growth

With Smart Turf, you can rest assured that your artificial grass will stop the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew for the lifetime of your turf.

Top-grade Drainage

Our SmartFlow system is an all-new industry premium standard, ensuring more than enough drainage, preventing staleness and stench.

permeable flow

Smart Flow is effective in greatly increasing flowthrough over traditional hole punch urethane backing systems.  In addition to large holes every 3" in the backing, Smart Flow backing is totally permeable which allows liquids to transfer through.  This is accomplished by creating tiny open holes in every millimeter of the backing.  Our special coating process encapsulates the back of each tufted stitch locking in the yarn while keeping the rest of the back permeable.

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