Smart Fill®

Key Features

• Exempt from Prop 65

Smart Fill® has been declared non-hazardous and exempt from prop 65 labeling requirements after a complete and thorough evaluation by Duke University Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Office.

• Round shaped coated sand that helps reduce fluid absorption and improve drainage

• Integrated with anti-microbial that helps control the growth of bacteria, mold, and odors.

• Improves Turf life

• Non-Toxic

• Available in 12/20 and 16/30 blend

*Part of the Ultimate Pet Turf System
Alongside Microban® Technology, the perforated Drain Mat, and Smart Pet Plus turf, the system will:

• Stands Up to Urine Exposure
• Affordable
• Easy to Install
• Effective solution for controlling Pet Odor

Spec Sheet
Safety Data
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