Play Zone Plus

1.5 in. high | 60 oz. Clover/Field Green $2.99 Playgrounds, Multi Use


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People trust Smart Turf artificial grass with built-in Microban® Antimicrobial Technology for playgrounds as a very low maintenance ground surface to increase their kids’ safety while they play. It drains effectively, doesn’t require weeding or watering, and has the appearance of real grass with a gentle fall cushion. Artificial grass is a great option for playgrounds and play areas because it is made to be very durable. It requires little upkeep and will continue to look good year after year. The color of the turf won’t be impacted by rain, snow, or sunlight, providing you the most returns on your investment.

Even though it is practically difficult to eliminate the possibility of an injury, you can significantly lower it by making sure your child’s play area has soft, cushioned ground. The installation of Smart Turf playground turf is a great way to improve security around outdoor equipment, as well as at local parks, schools, and other locations.

Landscape irrigation is thought to account for over a third of all household water use nationwide, or roughly 9 billion gallons per day. It’s critical to practice conservation whenever possible because water scarcity is a growing problem. Smart Turf playground turf eliminates the need for excessive water usage to maintain a lovely, secure play area.

You no longer need to use harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers when you have Smart Turf playground turf. This will prevent water pollution and long-term financial savings. Additionally, you avoid the downtime needed to apply these chemicals and, more crucially, you reduce the amount of chemicals in a child’s play area.