Smart Fill® Artificial Grass Infill

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Smart Fill® Artificial Grass Infill is a round shaped green coated sand that reduces fluid absorption and improves drainage.
Integrated with anti-microbial that helps control the growth of bacteria, mold, and odors.

  • 50 Pound Bag
  • 12/20 Grit
  • Color: Green
  • Exempt from Prop 65
  • Improves Turf life
  • Non-Toxic
  • Available in 12/20 and 16/30 blend
  • Declared non-hazardous and exempt from prop 65 labeling requirements.
    This after a complete and thorough evaluation by Duke University Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Office.

*Part of the Ultimate Pet Turf System

Alongside Smart Turf Artificial Grass built-in Microban® Technology, the perforated Drain Mat, and Smart Pet Plus turf, the system will:

  • Stand Up to Urine Exposure
  • Is Affordable
  • Be Easy to Install
  • Be an Effective solution for controlling Pet Odor

Synthetic grass infill refers to the small round coated sand that is set in between the blades of artificial grass. The purpose of infill as specified is to assist the grass blades to stand up. Returning back to their expecting upright position after they have been introduced to weightMoreover, makes a difference to shield the backing from the harm that’s caused by UV rays.

Artificial Grass Infill makes keeps up the look of synthetic grass, but too makes a difference to allow it to feel like real grass. Smart Fill mimics the affect and qualities of the soil beneath genuine grass so that it’ll feel as if you’re strolling on genuine grass. Another good thing about infill is that it helps to weigh down turf to prevent it from developing wrinkles or swells that can happen in installation. It moreover helps in drainagewhich implies you won’t have to deal with pooling or standing water after it downpours.