Maintaining Indoor Artificial Grass Surfaces

Amy NguyenMicroban, Playground Turf, Sport Turf

Indoor artificial grass has become quite popular. Including synthetic grass in the design of an office space can add a nice pop of color. Gyms and fitness centers have embraced the concept of artificial turf, specifically Athletic Turf. That being said, the installation of artificial grass is low maintenance (not no-maintenance) and here are some quick and helpful recommendations on cleaning indoor artificial grass surfaces.

Man stretches over athletic turf artificial turf.

More persistent stains such as: crayon, lipstick, metal polish or furniture stain gets on your turf, sponge clean the area with a dry-cleaning solvent.   Follow the same process as above, not too much solvent and clean from the outside in.  For nail polish, sponge with acetone

If there is surface soil, vacuum the turf like you would any carpet; it will lift soil without harming the fibers of the turf

Minor spills: turf does not stain but spills should be cleaned quickly and properly.    We suggest using a sponge with detergent suds and cold water within 24 hours of a spill.  It can still be effective after 24 hours but it’s better to take care in a timely manner.  Do not use too much detergent when cleaning – just enough to irrigate the solids out of the turf fibers.  Too much can lead to a ring in your turf.  To reduce the chance of a ring, limit detergent use and clean from the outside of the stain towards the center.

A more persistent stain such as oil paint requires a little more work. Immediately blot the paint to remove as much as possible. Then sponge the area with turpentine or paint remover.  After using paint remover, blot with detergent and cold water. Finally, re-sponge the area with cold water to ensure all the detergent and remover is out of the area.

For foreign substances such as chewing gum or tar, you need to scrape the area to remove the substance from the fibers.  For gum: first spray with Freon aerosol spray then scrape the gum free from the fibers.  For Tar removal, scrape the tar from the fibers first then sponge with a dry-cleaning solvent.

And for a deeper clean or general disinfecting, we recommend using a ProGienics Concentrated Carpet Deodorizer. It’s a disinfectant to help reduce the spread of germs, control mold and mildew and restore damage from water and smoke.

Indoor athletic turf artificial grass is great for indoor workout areas.

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