When it comes to grass,

Artificial is smarter than real.


Artificial Grass for Salt Lake City, Utah

Smart Turf’s Salt Lake City showroom and warehouse is in the heart of Utah and services the Salt Lake City region. We are a one-stop shop for licensed contractors and installers and are fully stocked year-round offering artificial grass, artificial grass accessories, and artificial grass care rental products like power brooms and drop spreaders.

Smart Turf Services Homeowners

Southern California homeowners have begun to recognize the many benefits of artificial grass.  Southern California has one of the highest real estate property values in the United States so investing in artificial grass is a wise idea for any real estate investment. Smart Turf artificial grass offers year-round curb appeal, homeowners and property owners will never have to worry about brown spots again! Fertilizers and pesticides are never needed, it’s an easy way to go green. Smart Turf design consultants are available to offer complimentary on-site consultation and provide recommendations on the best available Smart Turf artificial grass installation options for each unique situation.
  • 232 South Gladiola Street, Suite 400, Salt Lake City UT 84104
  • 801-972-5335
  • Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM