Is Artificial Grass Worth It? Everything You Need to Know

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If you’ve got adventurous landscaping ideas, want to green up a small space or balcony, or simply hate wasting weekends at the end of a mower, artificial grass could be a solution to your gardening challenges.

While it’s no secret that synthetic turf comes with a higher up-front installation cost than real grass, that’s no reason to discard it as an option. Check out these reasons why artificial turf is a worthwhile investment for your home or business.

How to Know Whether Artificial Grass is Worth It

What do you value the most? Some people love getting out into the garden and performing the manual labor that keeps it pristine. But if you’re the type of person who would rather do anything else than mow your lawn on a sweltering day, synthetic turf is a good option.

Fake grass is a lot more versatile than real grass because you can install it anywhere. If you’ve got an outdoor area where it would be difficult to grow natural grass, but you’d like a surface that’s more attractive than cracked concrete, synthetic turf will be just the thing.

Maybe you have an outdoor kitchen and would rather stand on soft blades of grass with your bare feet than on hard pavers. Synthetic grass will maintain its color for more than a decade and is soft underfoot as well.

When you install artificial grass properly, it will have excellent drainage. Therefore, it’s one of the best options for surrounding pool areas with a surface that is softer than pavers. You can install it on steps, balconies, and walls, and it even works indoors if you prefer a natural setting without the mess, watering, weeding, and artificial lighting needed to keep it growing.

Here are a few more reasons you should consider artificial grass:

  • You’ve seen it and felt it at a friend’s house and mistook it for the real thing
  • Its pet and child friendly.
  • It will add value to your home
  • It can increase curb appeal, if you’re selling.
  • Save on water
  • Reduce manual labor in your garden

It’s not just residential properties that can benefit from fake turf. There are plenty of reasons for commercial enterprises to invest in it as well, such as reduced groundskeeping costs, creating attractive pool areas, and ensuring softer landings in children’s play areas.

Artificial Turf Benefits

If you are considering an artificial turf solution for your property, here are just a few of the fantastic benefits you will enjoy.

Reduce Landscaping and Labor Costs Over Time

It’s true that artificial grass comes with a steeper installation cost than natural turf. However, it’s comparable to pavers or concrete, so you must also consider the cost over time. Once your synthetic lawn installation is complete, the maintenance is minimal when compared to the real thing.

You won’t need to water it or apply fertilizer. Professionally installed fake grass will drain well, so you can clean up pet accidents with a quick squirt of water. Modern fake grass has antimicrobial properties built-in, so you won’t have a problem with lingering germs. You can say goodbye to the lawn mower and edge trimmer and enjoy more time off from weeding and battling lawn pests.

While natural turf is cheaper in the short term, it comes with a lifetime of financial commitments and time investment to keep it pristine, especially during spring and summer. You will need to hire a service if you don’t have time to garden, which will add to your household budget or business costs to the tune of thousands per year.

Synthetic Grass is Environmentally Friendly

Yes, synthetic grass is a petroleum-based product, but it’s still an environmentally responsible solution when you consider the billions of gallons of water sprayed on lawns across the nation every month. Other than the occasional spray down to keep your fake grass clean, you will still spend much less on your water bill.

One thousand square feet of natural lawn consumes more than 600 gallons of water every week. Contrast that with the less than 80 gallons for the same area of fake grass and you can see how the savings per square foot will add up in your bank balance and the environment.

The EPA estimates that natural lawns account for 5 percent of pollution in the United States, which doesn’t include the environmental damage from gas-powered edgers and weed eaters.

Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides running off into the water table are another environmental issue that is rarely thought about by natural grass enthusiasts. Several common lawn chemicals have been responsible for runoff responsible for deadly algal blooms that wreak havoc on the local ecology and fish life.

Fake Grass is Pet Friendly

One of the first things people think about when considering an artificial lawn is that it might not be suitable for pets. The truth is, it’s even more convenient for dogs and cats. Smart Turf is the only artificial grass with built-in Microban® antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and odors by 99%!

You won’t have to mop the floor when your pets come in from the rain. If your dog is a hole digger, you will have solved your problem of dangerous potholes dotted around your yard.

Other features that make our fake lawns so appealing to pet owners include cooling filling to protect soft paws, a permeable backing that allows urine to pass straight through, and antimicrobial agents that prevent nasty odors from developing. Property owners who don’t want to replace an entire lawn but still want the pet-friendly advantages can create a smaller, gated area just for the four-legged residents.

Add Value to Your Property

According to Homes and Gardens, a low-maintenance garden can increase your property’s value by around 10%. That’s $70,000 on a $700,000 home. If you are planning to sell, your artificial turf will attract more offers and could even pay for itself a few times over.

Is Artificial Grass Worth It? You Be the Judge

As you can see, a professionally installed synthetic lawn will cost less money, and reduce the burden on the environment over time.

The ease of maintenance will give you a lot more free time to enjoy your weekends and entertain friends without worrying about how your lawn looks, because it will always look immaculate. Would you like to learn more about your synthetic turf options. Click here to see our current stock options and feel free to call Smart Turf for expert advice, competitive pricing, and professional, trouble-free installation.