Dog Run 101: Backyard Fun with Artificial Grass

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What is a dog run? Despite the name, it is not a marathon for our furry friends.

Dog Run 101

A dog run is an enclosed area for your canine to wander, exercise, relax and enjoy a cozy space, safely. Your very own dog run could be complete with our wide selection of Smart Turf artificial grass.

As pet owners are all too familiar with, natural grass can get messy, as our dogs do what comes naturally to them: chasing uninvited backyard friends, digging holes, and of course, leaving brown patches in areas where they do their doggy business. This is where making Smart Turf part of your dog run install is essential. 

The Right Type Of Artificial Turf

One point to consider when looking at artificial turf grass for your dog run is the space you  can allow for this enclosed, safe area. Will it interfere with a walkway or entrance to

your patio? How much square footage are you willing to share with your pet to ensure they have ample room to roam? Do you have space you aren’t actively using that could simply be filled with Smart Turf pet turf? Which type of Smart Turf Pet Turf would you prefer for your pet?

Finding the right type of pet turf is just as important as, in human terms, finding the right type of sneaker. What type of size, height, fit of turf grass will provide a comfortable spot for your dog to spend time in? Smart Turf has you covered.  We offer three types of artificial grass specifically for pet turf: First Cut, Play Zone Plus, Smart Pet Plus

At Smart Turf, our experienced team knows artificial grass. As one of the most trusted turf suppliers in the US, it’s no wonder many dog owners, regardless of the size of their yard, have trusted Smart Turf to provide their pets with some backyard fun



Artificial Grass Benefits For Backyard Fun

The benefits of Smart Turf pet turf for your dog run are numerous. Smart Turf is the only artificial grass with built-in Microban antimicrobial technology, keeping the yard fresh because it inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and reduces pet odor by 99%. 

You can rest assured that both you and your pet will have their needs met with a dog run. For those times when you need your pet tucked away from visitors, a dog run will give you and your pet what you need to keep them in a safe, fun environment.

 Choose Smart Turf Pet Turf

What makes us so unique? It’s as easy as three simple reasons that only Smart Turf artificial turf can provide:

  1. Built-in Microban Antimicrobial Technology
  2. Our artificial turf is made in the USA, in our own factory in Chatsworth, Georgia
  3. 15/50 warranty: Proudly providing our 15-year warranty backed by a company which has been in business for 50 years

With so many reasons to install a dog run outside of your home, it makes sense to go with Smart Turf Pet Turf. We welcome you to take a look through our selections to see which artificial turf is the best purchase for you and your pet.