Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

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Now more than ever, people want to enjoy the great outdoors and the outdoor living space is an extension of a home. Without having to worry about an unmanicured lawn, an artificial grass lawn is ready for kids and pet to enjoy 365 days a year. Low maintenance is extremely attractive to most busy families and business owners. Particularly in hot and dry climates and in drought prone areas, having an artificial grass lawn helps to conserve earth’s most precious natural resource, water.

One of the most common questions our team receives is: does artificial grass get hot? The short answer is answer is yes. Just like concrete or asphalt that is in direct sunlight for hours, one would not walk barefoot on it. Artificial grass will not get as hot as hard services like concrete or asphalt, but we have to keep in mind it is a synthetic material and will absorb heat.

You may notice that other artificial grass companies market “cool grass” and make the claim that its cooler.  If you are making your decision on which product to buy based on a “cool grass” claim, please be sure to ask for the testing, verify the testing standard along with the company that provided the test. Why doesn’t Smart Turf market this “cool grass” technology? It simply does not exist and we believe in being transparent by clearly letting our customers know what to expect.

The reality is artificial grass does get hot but you’ll also want to ask yourself: _will the heat of the artificial grass impact the way you use the area? In all honesty, if it’s unbearably hot outside, most individuals would want to keep cool indoors. And if it’s that hot, your children and pets wouldn’t be outside playing in the direct sunlight or on the artificial grass anyhow. That means that even though the artificial grass does get hot, it would not affect the way you use it and there are simple techniques you can use to bring down the temperature pretty quickly.

Ways to cool down turf:

A lighter shade of green. Dark colors naturally absorb more heat from the sunlight. To help alleviate some of this, consider a lighter shade of artificial grass. Let us help you choose the right one for your project.

Cool off with water. Rinse your lawn with the hose or turn on the sprinklers for a few moments. This helps to clean off debris anyways and will cool down your turf lawn rather fast.

Block direct sunlight. Trees around your lawn will be a great source for shade from the sun. If that’s not available, put up an umbrella or canopy. This will give pets and children a nice place to play and enjoy the outdoors without the direct sunlight.

Share some of your own techniques on how to keep artificial grass cooler in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!