The DIY Guide to installing Artificial grass

Installing Smart Turf artificial grass yourself could help keep your project budget in control. Although it looks challenging, there are clear-cut steps to properly installing and future-proofing your turf. Follow the explainer below from start to finish to guide you through it all.

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From start to finish, I take you through the steps to installing Smart Turf artificial grass and SmartFill infill yourself.

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From start to finish, BYOT takes you through the steps to installing Smart Turf artificial grass.

Step-by-step guide

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  • You might need a friend to help with certain steps.


Ground Clearing / Tear Out

Clear the work area of all unwanted tree roots, mulch, large rocks, and any remaining construction debris obstructions. Utilize sod cutters, shovels and pick axes to remove grass and vegetation.


Underground hazards

Irrigation and electrical lines may be located just under the surface of the project area. Locate and cap off or remove all unwanted sprinkler heads. Turn on irrigation to verify everything works correctly before you start. Do the same with any existing electrical feature.


Base Preparation

As we begin the sub-base process its recommended to lay down the weed barrier cloth first. Installing the base surface is critical to
maintain the stability and integrity of the turf system. First layer is 2"-3" of Class 2 Road Base.



Laying the turf

Make sure to measure the project area and carefully design the layout to minimize the number of seams in the turf. Unroll the synthetic grass and stretch across the top of the prepared base. Do not drag across. If the synthetic turf has a wrinkle; allow it to acclimate in the sun.

Landscape and playground turf comes in 15 ft wide rolls, putting green material comes in 12 ft wide rolls. Due to the natural direction of the grass blades, the turf must be laid out in the same direction.

Artificial Grass Delivery


Cutting and fitting

The artificial grass can be cut around your existing landscape whether it is a perfect square, or a winding path that is bordered by rocks.

The best method is to lay the grass out and trace from the top where you'll be making your cuts. There are 2 different tools you'll need for this process:
1) Long Pile Carpet Cutter.
2) Carpet knife.
All cuts must be made from back side of synthetic turf to see the stitch rows.



Secure the turf

Secure the turf by staking the edges with 5"-6" nails. Space the nails along the perimeter edges approximately 3"-6" apart. Repeat the process for treated lumber, bender board, or poly board around the border.
Securing Artificial grass


Seaming the turf panels

A straight edge is required when seaming two synthetic turf cuts together. Make sure the stitch lines match so the seams will be virtually invisible.

Another option is the "S" cut method using a custom stencil. This is a more advanced process but the finish is more natural. Once your seams are cut and in place, pull both pieces of turf back exposing the sub base. Place the seam tape with half of the tape under each cut. Apply a turf adhesive to the seam tape. Fold the two sections of artificial grass over seaming material to form one seamless piece. An alternative to seaming artificial grass together is to use 4" 20d or 5" - 6" 40d nails along the seam both sides with 3"- 4" spacing.



Don't forget the Smartfill® Infill

Round Silica Sand is the standard infill for artificial turf. This step is critical to maintaining your artificial grass system. 1-3 lbs. per sq. ft. Infill helps to protect the synthetic grass from the elements while maintaining the blade structure and level design.

Spread infill material evenly utilizing a drop spreader (the type commonly used to spread grass seed), or a flat. Do not attempt to install the infill material while the synthetic grass or the infill material is wet. Once all sand is spread evenly on top of the turf it will need to be broomed into the turf fibers. Use a power broom to brush up turf fibers and let the sand work down in between the turf blades. When the infill process is complete, water the entire area evenly with a hose to settle the material.

Artificial Grass Infill Power Broom


Cleaning up

No job would be complete without the proper clean-up.
You can use a blower, rake, brush or broom to clean up the grass, as well as water. And thats how to install artificial grass.


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    Eagle Putt


    0.875 inches high | 44 oz.

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    Smart Pet Plus


    1.125 inches high | 60 oz.

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    Field Green/Clover Green. Similar to many others in density, different in height.
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    Cypress Point


    2 inches high | 70 oz.

    Multi Use
    Field Green/Clover Green. Similar to Pine Valley, different in shade.
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