Building Your Own Drought Tolerant Paradise

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No matter what region of the country you are in, seasonal weather patterns are becoming more difficult to track. This shouldn’t make a visually appealing landscape difficult to achieve. You deserve a beautiful lawn that looks great year-round, and—why not— saves money on water bills at the same time, by incorporating artificial grass to your landscape plans. 

What if you could have this paradise lawn, along with a diverse ecosystem right outside of your home? Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to specific plants that are drought tolerant, so these native creatures could be natural additions to your drought-tolerant landscape. 

Drought tolerant landscape, featuring native plants and Smart Turf.

A Drought Tolerant Paradise

Artificial grass is not just an addition that helps reduce monthly water bills, but it also:

  • Reduces water consumption
  • No more brown patches
  • No more mowing
  • Green, rich grass all year round

Having a purely green, visually appealing landscape is nice, but a useful space that is drought-tolerant can provide several benefits for all.

Drought-tolerant plants adorning artificial grass can bring nature to the outside of your home, what landscape experts call the “Snow White Effect.” A  landscape surrounded by native plants can provide a habitat for wildlife and insects, which can be essential for both pollination and keeping invasive species away.

Cleveland Sage

Plants for Winged Friends to Enjoy

Hummingbirds are a fluttering, welcome addition to a yard’s landscape. Some of the plants you can surround your drought tolerant artificial turf with are the lavender-tinted Cleveland Sage or the bright scarlet-colored California Fuchsia

For another winged species to surround your drought tolerant landscape, look to plants that are welcoming to butterflies. The vibrant, multi-colored, low-maintenance Lantana Shrub.

Coyote Mint is also a plant butterflies enjoy as a nectar source, and it has the additional benefit of working as medicinal tea to soothe stomach aches. 

Lantana Shrub

Smart Turf and Drought A Biodiverse Landscape

Along with the benefits of having a biodiverse landscape, artificial turf covers gives you peace of mind with maintenance as well. Smart Turf artificial grass has built-in Microban antimicrobial technology, so you won’t have a problem with lingering bacteria. You can disconnect from the lawn mower and edge trimmer and enjoy more time off to connect with your eco-friendly natural landscape.

Smart Turf’s artificial grass is only the foundation of all of the possibilities you can imagine for a backyard oasis that saves on your water cost, serves as a habitat for local, non-invasive wildlife, and is visually enriching for you to enjoy year-round.