How to Calculate Artificial Turf Requirements for Your Project

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Backyard artificial grass

We get this question often: How much artificial grass will I need for my project? Smart Turf artificial turf is a fantastic choice for creating a lush and low-maintenance lawn. To ensure you order the right amount of artificial grass for your specific area, we’ve put together these simple step-by-step instructions: Materials You Will Need: Measuring tape or measuring wheel … Read More

Revolutionizing the Online Wholesale Turf Buying Experience

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If you’re in the landscaping business, you know that quality and durability matter when it comes to artificial grass. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Smart Turf’s brand-new website designed exclusively for installers, contractors, and distributors looking for high-quality wholesale artificial grass made right here in the USA. We’re excited to introduce! The Green Revolution is … Read More

Viva Smart Turf Las Vegas

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We are excited to announce the opening of our new Smart Turf distribution location in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. As artificial grass continues to gain popularity in the area, we are proud to offer the only artificial grass with built-in Microban antimicrobial and a wide range of high-quality, realistic synthetic turf options to meet the growing demand … Read More

Smart Turf in Canada

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Looking for artificial grass in Canada, eh? Smart Turf artificial grass has been available in the lower 48 states, and we’re excited to announce it’s now available in Canada! We are welcoming our Western Canadian distribution partners. The team at The Synthetic Turf Co. offers artificial grass installation and is 5-star rated on Google. They have made plenty of customers … Read More

Transform Your Rooftop and Balconies with Artificial Grass: A Great Idea!

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In recent years, the concept of transforming rooftops and balconies into stylish and functional spaces has gained significant popularity. And one innovative way to achieve this is by installing artificial grass. Artificial grass has evolved significantly, offering a realistic and practical alternative to natural grass. Whether you live in a bustling city or a suburban neighborhood, here are several reasons … Read More

Artificial Grass: A Game-Changer for People with Allergies

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For individuals suffering from allergies, maintaining a beautiful and well-kept lawn can be a constant struggle. Common triggers like grass pollen, weed allergens, and outdoor molds can cause discomfort and allergic reactions. However, there’s a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution that can transform your outdoor space while minimizing allergic reactions – artificial grass. In this blog post, we’ll explore the … Read More

Nick’s Backyard 18-hole Putting Palace

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Golf is a game of precision and patience, and what better way to hone those skills than by practicing in the comfort of your own backyard? Setting up a backyard putting green not only provides a fun and convenient way to improve your golf game, but it can also serve as a great way to build community with family, friends, … Read More

Earth Day and Everyday: How is Smart Turf Earth-Friendly?

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Smart Turf Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf, is an increasingly popular option for lawns, sports fields, and other outdoor areas. While some people may think that artificial grass is harmful to the environment, the truth is that it can actually be quite earth-friendly. Here are some of the reasons why: Water conservation: One of the biggest advantages of artificial grass … Read More

Bonding with your dog while exercising

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April is Canine Fitness Month, a time to focus on the importance of keeping our furry friends healthy and active. As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to provide our dogs with the exercise they need to maintain their physical and mental well-being. One way to do this is by exercising with them on artificial grass, which offers numerous benefits for … Read More

How can artificial grass help your Pickleball game?

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Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the USA! It’s a fast-paced and fun sport that is played on a court with a hard surface. However, playing on a hard court can be tough on the body, especially for those who are older or have joint problems. That’s where artificial grass comes in. Using artificial grass on or around a pickleball … Read More

Is Smart Turf artificial grass with Microban antimicrobial technology safe?

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In short, yes. Here it is, all explained. Smart Turf artificial grass is the ONLY artificial grass partner of  Microban International. The integrated antimicrobial technology is designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms on the artificial grass surface. While this technology can offer a range of benefits, many people are concerned about whether it is safe … Read More

Common Artificial Grass Misconceptions

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Most people have misconceptions about artificial turf, which is why it’s important to understand the facts. Artificial turf has come a long way in recent years, and for many applications, it can be an excellent choice.  We will look at some of the common misconceptions about artificial turf and dispel them with actual facts. Some people believe that artificial turf … Read More

Smart Turf is Now Available in Central Valley California

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Looking for artificial grass in Central California? We’re excited to announce it’s now available through our Central Valley distribution partner, Top Turf! Installing artificial grass in Fresno, California is a great idea for those who want to reduce their water usage significantly. Artificial turf requires no watering and minimal maintenance, saving homeowners time and money over the long run. It … Read More

Top Reasons Why Artificial Grass in Austin Texas Makes Sense

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If you’re looking to add a touch of nature and beauty to your Austin, Texas home or property without the hassle that comes with maintaining real grass, artificial grass might be just what you’re looking for. Not only is installing artificial grass an aesthetically pleasing upgrade, it also has the advantage of being low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Artificial turf requires no … Read More

5 things you need to know about artificial grass infill

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Smart Fill antimicrobial infill

Artificial grass infill is an important part of any artificial turf installation. It’s the last step before clean-up and ensures your artificial grass lawn is installed correctly. Knowing more about artificial grass infill can help you make an informed decision. We receive many questions about infill from homeowners, Do-it-Yourselfers, contractors, and landscapers. These are the top five questions we get … Read More

From Backyards to Birdhouses: 4 Unique Applications for Artificial Grass

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Have you ever wondered what else you could do with artificial grass besides using it in backyards and playgrounds? Artificial Grass doesn’t have to end with a basic lawn installation. With artificial grass, there are so many possibilities.  There are so many possibilities, ranging from common applications like commercial landscaping to more unexpected projects like roof decks and birdhouses. Whether … Read More

Building Your Own Drought Tolerant Paradise

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No matter what region of the country you are in, seasonal weather patterns are becoming more difficult to track. This shouldn’t make a visually appealing landscape difficult to achieve. You deserve a beautiful lawn that looks great year-round, and—why not— saves money on water bills at the same time, by incorporating artificial grass to your landscape plans.  What if you … Read More

Lawn Care During a Drought Solved with Artificial Grass

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Smart Turf Artificial Grass

As the weather and dry spells become less predictable and more areas resort to water restrictions to save water, lawn care during a drought is becoming a growing challenge. There are alternatives, such as drought-tolerant grass and underground watering systems, but even the most resilient green grass will turn brown during a prolonged dry spell. One option growing in popularity … Read More

Is Artificial Grass Worth It? Everything You Need to Know

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Smart Turf Artificial Grass

If you’ve got adventurous landscaping ideas, want to green up a small space or balcony, or simply hate wasting weekends at the end of a mower, artificial grass could be a solution to your gardening challenges. While it’s no secret that synthetic turf comes with a higher up-front installation cost than real grass, that’s no reason to discard it as … Read More

Building a Dog Yard

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Dog on artificial grass

There are so many reasons why dogs and artificial grass go hand and hand. In fact, here are 5 Reasons Why Pets Love Smart Turf Artificial Grass.

4 Ultimate Family Backyard Ideas

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Putting Green Poolside

The weather is warming up now and that means we all get to spend more time outdoors. Hiking, bike riding, and beach days are fun outdoor activities the entire family can enjoy. Going out can be fun but sometimes hanging out at home can be just as fun. Especially with a fun outdoor space that everyone can enjoy. We’ve been … Read More

3 reasons to Install Synthetic Grass at Event Venues

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Event Lawn

Event centers and spaces are constantly hosting weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and all sorts of celebratory events. Because of that, event venues are constantly looking for ways to improve the space, whether it’s new furniture, new linens, or even new landscaping. In fact, we could argue that landscaping is one of the most important features because it serves as the … Read More

Top 6 reasons to consider artificial grass

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Backyard artificial grass

Popularity for artificial grass has skyrocketed in recent years. With COVID-19 and sheltering in place, our home has been our sanctuary. We’ve been a lot time at home, making it look and feel better has been on every homeowner’s mind. Interior and exterior renovations and home improvement have boomed. We can’t think of a better way to add instant curb … Read More

Home Gym Garage Set Up

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Having worked within the fitness industry for almost 20 years, training has always been a big focus within my lifestyle, and I would usually perform some type of cardio or resistance training most days.

Smart Turf in Orange County, California

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Smart Turf Orange County has moved to a bigger building right off the 55 freeway at Edinger Ave. Right down the street from where we use to be (still in Santa Ana), you can now find us at 2120 Ritchey Street. You won’t miss our bright green building on the west side of the 55 freeway in the heart of … Read More

Managing Allergies in the Spring

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When it’s time to enjoy the warmer weather in spring and summer, hay fever rears its head and can put a damper on fun outdoor based activities. It’s not possible to get rid of hay fever but there are ways to manage it by avoiding those allergic triggers.

Smart Turf and Microban©

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Smart Turf and Artificial Grass

Now more than ever, there is cause for concern about the presence of bacteria on surfaces in the home and in the spaces where we work and play every day. Similarly, the growth of mold and mildew on building materials is just as problematic causing costly repairs and unpleasant experiences.

Let’s Play! 3 Benefits of Playground Turf

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Playground Turf

Green and beautiful year-round, Smart Turf artificial grass Play Zone Plus is the ideal ground covering for playgrounds and multi-purpose fields. Whether it’s a community park, a school playground or a residential backyard, Play Zone Plus is made to last and is great for light to heavy traffic areas. MIcroban. Microban® odor control and antimicrobial technology are integrated into the … Read More

Introducing Smart Turf Athletic Turf

devSport Turf

Public facilities have a challenging task ahead of them as they try to manage social distancing and maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards.  Many recreation centers, fitness centers, and health clubs are looking for ways to reassure members that they’ve taken the extra precautions. Consistent cleaning protocols continue to be required for high touch surfaces but we’ve got an additional level … Read More