5 Reasons Why Pets Love Smart Turf Artificial Grass

Amy NguyenLandscape Turf, Microban, Pet Turf, Smart Turf

dog playing ball on artificial grass

Our fury friends offer us comfort and always put a smile on our faces. Their favorite place is outdoors in the fresh air and especially in the yard. For pet owners with natural lawns, torn grass, holes, and brown spots could be a common sight. But imagine a year-round lush green lawn for your fury friends to roam and explore on!

Smart Turf’s Ultimate Pet Turf System offers the most conducive play area for pets – homeowners and their pets absolutely love it, and here’s why.

Clean. A clean house makes a happy owner. And a happy owner makes a happy pet.  Natural grass can get messy. Because artificial grass never needs mowing, grass clippings won’t get stuck in between those cute little paws or on nicely cleaned floors. Mud and dirt inside the house definitely won’t be missed either.

Fresh. Smart Turf’s Ultimate Pet Turf System is a multi-component system that stands up to repeated exposure to urine. It consists of Smart Pet Plus artificial grass, layered with Smart Fill a high-quality infill, and a drain mat.  Microban is integrated into Smart Pet Plus artificial grass during the manufacturing process. Microban antimicrobial inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and is an effective solution for reducing pet odor. Because it is built-in, it works 24/7 and never washes away. This helps keep yards fresh longer.

Boy and dog on Smart Turf

Smart Fill is key.  It’s a win-win when paired with our Smart Fill infill that’s also integrated with antimicrobial technology. Our specially designed round shaped sand is better for drainage and reduces hardening. The special coating on Smart Fill reduces absorption of liquids and eliminates harmful dust found in normal silica sand infills.

Toxin-free. Artificial grass will never require the use of chemicals and pesticides. Pets can enjoy the lawn, and pet owners will never need to worry about those harmful products coming into direct contact with them. Homeowners will feel good about going green and reducing the use of chemicals.

Man installation artificial grass

Seamless Install.  We are pros at it. From large commercial installations to residential home installations, seaming two synthetic turf cuts together finishes the yard off nicely. The stitch lines should match to make the seams virtually invisible. If you plan on doing-it-yourself, find more helpful tips in our Install Guide.

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