5 Amazing Putting Green Ideas

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Putting Green Poolside

Our design consultants are asked by homeowners and businessowners what they recommend when installing artificial grass and specifically what they recommend when installing a putting golf green. Each space is unique and different, and our design consultants offer their recommendations based on the area. That being said, we decided to put together a list of 5 amazing artificial grass putting green ideas that you may not have thought about before.

Build around water. Water sounds are always relaxing and adding that feature to a putting green will take it up a notch. Many of our customers and clients have added a putting green next to or surrounding a pool. What a great space to enjoy all summer long!

Putting Green Poolside

Consider having it indoors. Many business owners may have the dilemma of not having enough outdoor space. A great alternative is to create an indoor artificial grass putting green space for the team to relax and decompress. Mingling amongst coworkers during break time is great for camaraderie and does wonders for employee morale!

Indoor putting area

Shaded areas are great. Think about playing in the summer when the sun is up high. Strategically placing your artificial grass putting green in a shaded area can offer some relief on sunny summer days. On the other hand, also consider too much shade during the fall and winter months. It’s good to strike a balance of shade and sun.

Putting Green with Shade

Add other activities. Along with putting, what else would help entertain your crew for hours? Put up a badminton net or add a soccer goal to the space.  No matter the additional activity, having a great place to gather and have fun for hours together is priceless. Ultimately your artificial grass putting golf green will take center stage but having an additional activity will add to that wow entertainment space.

Putting Green and Basketball

Small space, no problem. Doesn’t matter if you have a small space. You can have a simple one-hole or two-hole artificial putting green! This little addition would elevate your outdoor living space and will ultimately offer you and your guests plenty of outdoor playtime.

orner Putting area

To explore more of our installation and products, explore Smart Turf image gallery or relax and learn more with our videos. Do you have a unique artificial grass putting green idea? Please share with us below in the comments.