From Backyards to Birdhouses: 4 Unique Applications for Artificial Grass

Amy NguyenLandscape Turf, Microban, Pet Turf, Smart Turf

Have you ever wondered what else you could do with artificial grass besides using it in backyards and playgrounds? Artificial Grass doesn’t have to end with a basic lawn installation. With artificial grass, there are so many possibilities. 

There are so many possibilities, ranging from common applications like commercial landscaping to more unexpected projects like roof decks and birdhouses. Whether you are a professional contractor, or one of the many DIYers installing, or adding an aesthetic element to your home or business landscape. Get inspired by how creative people can get when using artificial grass in unique ways. Here are 10 ways to apply artificial grass to your everyday surroundings. 

Installing artificial grass in your home or commercial space can be a creative and unique way to liven up any space. Artificial turf is much easier to maintain than regular grass, as it requires virtually no water and needs very low levels of maintenance. Artificial turf allows for that fresh, green grass look, without the uninvited guest like pests and weeds, which means savings in both time and money. The creative look that artificial grass brings to any space is a touch that will make your business or home stand out, like an area for a photo opportunity for visiting clients, or a stress-free landscape for your rooftop.

Pleasant Ranch took his hobby of building birdhouses to the next level. Some Smart Turf Eagle Putt was a great addition to Pleasant Ranch’s mid-century style birdhouses. Follow them here: @pleasantranch


Artificial turf has much more potential than replacing outdoor, natural grass. Wall space in an office can have a tendency to be plain and uniform. Just because the workspace is a professional setting does not mean that you can’t add some color and texture for some fun.

Workspaces have been transformed with unique applications of artificial grass. This office traded in dull and grey with fresh, green turf and indoor-drought tolerant plants. They used used Smart Turf’s Pine Valley for this fun project.

Another unique application with artificial turf is a rooftop commercial or residential space. Having an overlook with a beautiful skyline view in the backdrop is already impressive, but if you add that extra special touch of artificial turf as opposed to pure concrete, it will enhance your outdoor, multi-element space! Just check out the rooftop installs with picnic tables. The artificial turf adds that pop of color and contrast.


Last but not least, our colleague came up with a not-so-traditional artificial grass Christmas tree display! Using wood planks as the backing and frame, he geniously crafted this one-of-a-kind holiday display that we now proudly display every holiday season in our Santa Fe Springs headquarters.

Whether it’s a commercial space, an accent wall for a home, or even a fun custom-built birdhouse, a space deserves visually pleasing and unique touches with applications like artificial grass.If you have the idea and creativity, consider Smart Turf for your next project. Let us know which one of these unique artificial grass applications you like the best in the comments below!